ENDAPT (Electronic Networking to Develop Accomplished Professional Teachers), which functioned from August 2005 through May 2013, supported William & Mary teacher preparation interns and alumnae through this Web site. ENDAPT's primary purposes were to complement school-based mentoring for new teachers while helping our interns and graduates to further develop as teacher leaders by becoming active members of a national network of award-winning educators.

Some of ENDAPT's mentor teachers were members of the Center for Teaching Quality's Teacher Leaders Network (TLN). TLN brings together teacher leaders -- many of them National Board Certified Teachers--from across the U.S., providing "a virtual gathering place" for those who wish to "advance teacher leadership in the classroom, the school, and the larger community."

ENDAPT's one-to-one online mentoring services provided personalized, "just in time" professional development. New teachers received individualized curriculum support while apprenticing online and over time with a senior colleague of their choice on matters of effective pedagogy. At the same time, new teachers participated in established, active online communities (via Tapped In) comprised of knowledgeable colleagues who teach in the same discipline and at similar grade levels, broadening their content- and process-related instructional repertoires by doing so.

ENDAPT's design and functioning are based upon online mentoring research and practice that began in 1993 in the Electronic Emissary Project and 2000 in WINGS Online. Both of these telementoring efforts were originated by one of ENDAPT's project coordinators. ENDAPT's facilitation strategies were based upon online professional development for preservice and inservice teachers conducted by members of the project's staff. ENDAPT sought also to extend and enhance the emerging practical and theoretical knowledge base about online mentoring by sharing the results of its ongoing evaluation and empirical research in publications and conference presentations.

In the two-decades-old tradition of open source software, ENDAPT makes all Web-based code and best-practice implementation information available on-line to all teacher preparation programs at no charge. According to the specifications of the General Public License under which the code was released, any teacher preparation organization that would like to offer its interns and graduates the services described above is able to acquire, customize, and run all of the software that animates ENDAPT's online services for new teachers.

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